5 Hair Fashion Trends In 2019

Wow! 2018 has been amazing in terms of fashion!

The beauty queen in you might have started being curious as to the type of hairstyles you will go for in 2019, what style will fit in for what occasion and all related questions.

Of course, you know there is always new hairstyles and new trends. 2019 won’t be any exemption to experiment with a whole lot of classy hairstyles.

The hairstyle could actually range from bold weaves, tortoiseshell crocodile clips or fancy braids or working out some hairstyles with some loud and attractive colors which could be pink, mint green which is trending currently.

The beginning of the year is always a good opportunity to rock trending hairstyles and explore new looks. Take a look at the following 5 hairstyles that will trend in 2019!

5 Hair Fashion Trends In 2019

1. Charcoal-Mink

This grey hairstyle has been trending for some time now and it is not fading yet! I like the recent shade from L’Oréal Professionnel ParisianCool palette – an excellent style is the ash colored shade and then another modern style called Charcoal milkshake which gives a charcoal-like tone. You can achieve the charcoal shade by using toners to filter the color of your hair.

2. Braid Pressing

Braid press can be so fascinating and obsessive with its lightly crimped hair and a strong parting at the center. This is an amazing look and takes only 4 – 5 cm parting. Then start plaiting from 4cm down the parting line. Keep braiding until the end of the hair.

3. Micro Braids

Micro braids are obviously the next big thing and it has been seen in a couple of shows across the world recently. Regardless of where it has been positioned on the hair (under the hairline or across the parting. This style adds beauty to the overall look of a lady.

4. Rainbow Wigs

One thing I appreciate is the recent increase of wigs worn by top celebrities who are absolutely promoting the concept of being more creative with your look and putting up different looks at different occasions. Wigs can be worn by anyone. It has been trending for so many years and it is easier to try out new hair colors with them and helps you to regularly change your looks. A good wig can last forever if it is of quality.

5. Multi-Colored Tips Hair

Hair blended into colored tips. It could be into a chocolate plum, blue or red tips. Pink tips are stunning too. This is one style that is fantastic an old hair or wig into something new and stunning.